Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding it . . .

I was talking with someone recently about peace, and where they find it. It got me to thinking about that question myself.

There's no doubt I found a great deal of peace as a Fantastickal; in moments of quiet with a child, communicating without words that which would take volumes to say with them. But, now that i'm not a Fantastickal anymore, I've got to find peace somewhere else. That's never been a very easy prospect for me.

I tend to be a planner, a doer, someone who sets a date for something and then just focuses on it, to the exclusion of the everyday. I spend a lot of normal days like this, in expectation of something in the future. But, there are moments in the everyday that should be treasured too, and I tend to blow right past them.

So, today, I'm going to try to appreciate the sunset. It's probably my favorite part of the day, when the light seems like magic, and everything around goes still for a few moments. Peace isn't crafted, it's discovered. It's not hunted down and made to divluge its secrets, it's present, waiting to be uncovered gently.

Where do you find peace, dear readers?

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ThePeSla said...


You may not be Fantastikal but you are Fantastic!

Only every Friday you make me hungry:-)

Seamstress, this post is rather philosophical... you are a philosopher!

Sunset, sunrise, it is hard to tell the difference in a still photograph and the damn birds chirp either way...

It remains a mystery to me how I find so much peace in all the turmoil and twists and turns of living- something deep in my core.

But down to earth I wondered if you could find blueberries there in your great adventure in California.

The PeSla