Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Right Here Waiting . . .

Stuck in neutral right now, spinning my wheels. I seem to spend half my time like this. I have patience for people, but not for myself; I've never been able to wait for things in my own life to happen. Maybe that's why I'm always pushing, always doing something. I've always felt like I've had to fight for everything, but maybe that's because I've never been willing to wait for things to happen on their own.

Do you think it's better to have patience and wait for the right thing to happen? Or, is waiting for sissies, and you should get out there and just do it?

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A Place At The Table said...

I always have a hard time sitting and waiting!! I want to make things happen, my problem is usually other people who are not as motivated as I am!! But this weekend I met a man this weekend who spoke to me in great detail about standing in our own was thought provoking for me.....what am I doing to stand in my own way??