Monday, June 13, 2011

Ever had the desire to check out of your own life for a while? Sometimes I think the point of making good money is the ability to be able to quit everything for a few months, run away to an awesome treehouse, and just be. I gotta say, on days like today, I look forward to one hopeful day when I can do this. I want to wake up everyday where the hardest question I need to answer does not include:
-What is that new noise my car is making?
-Can I make it for a week on $20?

Instead, I'd love to have to choose between a day of painting and a day of writing. A day where I might have a friend drop by unexpectedly at 7pm and suggest driving up the PCH all night, and I don't have to refuse because I need to be up at 5am the next morning.

I wouldn't want to spend forever this way, just lazing around and doing whatever I feel like with no schedule. Eventually, this would drive me insane. But, I'd love some time here or there to recharge like this, in a treehouse by the sea.

What about you, dear readers? If you could recharge your batteries for a few months, how would you do it?

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A Place At The Table said...

I would and will leave and go to northern Idaho, I will slow down my life, not work to live, live and work, I have a work space all started in our shop, second story, and I am going to have time to created instead of falling asleep the second I start to get busy, all of the stuff crammed in my brain is starting to get crowded!! I know it is going to happen, it has to happen.