Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking Forward . . .

So, I think I have to give up on San Diego Comic Con for this year. It would be silly of me to spend money on a costume I probably won't get to use, when by next year I might have an even better idea. It's time to look at Halloween.

So far, I have two radically different notions for a Halloween costume: an Ancient Egyptian ensemble, or a Victorian Fancy Dress Costume. Each presents interesting challenges:

The Egyptian Queen costume would require me to work with Wonderflex for the first time to craft a headpiece similar to the one in the picture above, of a bird wrapping over the head. I would also need to build a collar, and probably construct my own braided wig (the options out there are ghastly!)

The Victorian Butterfly costume (very loosely inspired by the idea in that drawing above) would entail building another corset, making a lot of blue morpho wings out of fabric, and creating a set of wings.

Both choices are pretty interesting. Naturally, the Victorian one is more familar, but I've been wanting to do Ancient Egypt for quite a long time. I'll probably make the final decision in the next few weeks and start getting materials, but I'd love to hear some opinions on which you'd rather see me do:

What do you think, dear readers? Should I go back to Victorian England, or Ancient Egypt?


A Place At The Table said...

Challenge yourself!! Go with the Ancient Egypt!! And then make the other too, cuz it is beautiful!! And consider yourself invited to our annual boo b que!!

purplepyro911 said...

I second the Egyptian idea! Not only will the completely foreign design of the individual pieces challenge you in new ways, but I'm guessing that the main garment will be a lot more comfortable to wear because what could possibly be more comfortable than high quality cotton? and depending on how you design the headpiece, you may not need a wig after all.