Friday, July 29, 2011

The Return . . .

I'm going home.

Not forever, and not for another two weeks. But, the weekend of the 13-14 of August, I'm heading back to Bristol. It has been very difficult to deal with missing everyone this summer, knowing things are rolling on without me and I'm here alone. I've done the best I could with it, but I have missed my faeries and my faire, and I have felt disconnected from the earth in a troubling way.

Last Friday my sister called and told me she had made me her cause, and had asked for people to pool together their resources to fly me back for a visit. This was touching enough, and just to know that she tried makes me tear up. But, to think that people actually came together and decided they wanted to see me again is really pretty amazing. I feel incredibly humble to think that they have missed me too.

In a few weeks, I will get to spend two precious days as Gaia again, recharge my batteries a bit, and remember my spirit for a few hours. I have not regretted leaving Chicago much, but I have regretted leaving Bristol. Chicago was where I was raised and lived for thirty years, but Bristol feels like home. I am grateful to get the chance to go back.


Anonymous said...

Too awesome - you must feel so loved!

Red Crumbs said...

What an awesome story! We'll try to get to the Faire that weekend and see you!

PS My new year's resolution was to post more comments on my favorite blogs, but life intervened. I'm going to renew that pledge and give you more feedback, so you don't think you're being cyber-ignored. Love your blog, H!

Steven said...

That's awesome!! I haven't had a chance to go to the faire this year, been way to busy on weekends, but I'm marking that weekend on my calendar so I can get some memorable photos of Gaia :-)
What a special treat for you and all of us who love Gaia.