Monday, August 1, 2011

Lights, camera . . .

Okay, so the videos turned out really dark when they were uploaded to YouTube, but I'm posting a few anyway. I spent three hours on Friday night watching a filming for one of my favorite television shows, Showtime's Dexter. I have been a huge fan of the show for the last three years, and I found out after moving to Long Beach that they film a great deal of it here (Long Beach does look a little like Miami!). earlier in the week the notices went up on every building on my block that they would be closing the street Friday evening, and I got pretty excited when I saw the reason. What followed was a fairly simple shoot involving the second unit and actor Colin Hanks, who plays the villain in this upcoming season.

Amusingly, they did change the plates before they shot the car;)

A short description of the point of the scene.

The entire shot. It was not long and involved no dialogue, but they shot it four different ways and did around twenty or twenty-five takes.

Here's me talking, though you can't see my face AT ALL. They did hood cam, steady cam in the car over his shoulder and next to him for a POV shot, and a tripod camera to shoot the back of the car.

Everybody was pretty cool; I spoke with several members of the crew throughout the evening, though my skirt was not as short as the girls across the street, so Colin Hanks never drifted over himself;) It was a pretty fascinating experience, and if I'd wanted to, I could have headed down the street to see the 1st unit shooting another scene, but it was midnight, and I was pooped.

Next time, I'll be on that crew;)

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