Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enter One . . .

courtesy Ivan Philips

In case any of my readers missed it, I was back at Bristol this weekend. It was a heady, emotional and incredibly rewarding experience, and there is not one single nano-second I would change. Even the time I spent at the Las Vegas airport with its slot machines and tackiness feels precious;)

That meant I was also playing Gaia again. How do I encapsulate this experience? How can I possibly describe something like this in words? As I have said before on this blog, it is almost impossible to explain a silent moment of grace, but I'll give it a shot:

There was a little girl who was clearly frightened of me. Her mother was trying to get her to go over, telling her I was nice, that I wasn't scary, that she would go over with the little girl, but she was having none of it. This happens frequently, and when I was this girl's age, I would have been one of these kids; my parents would not have been able to get me to go over to the strange costumed person for any amount of live of money. In such situations, I never, ever force the interaction; you can make a child cry that way, and that is definitely the last thing I want to do. So I ducked behind a tree for a bit, and then when her mothetr didn't give up, I decided to go away. Sometimes that's the only thing that works; you almost have to save the kid from their parenty's tenacity. I was starting to walk away, and suddenly the little girl ran over to me and gave me a hug, asking me if I knew Tinkerbell. Just like that. I interacted with her for a few moments, she gave me another hug, and they left. I saw her again that day, and though she was still shy, she waved at me and smiled, and I waved back.

There is so much else I could write, too much to fit here, really. It was a wonder to me to put the dress and the makeup back on and to find mmy old rhythms, but I found my body doing new things too, discovering new facets to a character I thought I already knew so well. And, it was awe-inspiring to work with this incredibly talented group of people again. For the faeries I already knew, it was like rejoining my family, and for the new fae, it was sort of like discovering long-lost relations. Thank you to all of them: my Flower; incomparable Brownie and her mother, Spidera; delicate and fiery Phoenix; adorable Hedgehog; ethereal Ariel; sweet and mischievious Puck; mysterious Oberon; kinetic and delightful Caliban; and a special thank you to my Gaia-sister, the lovely and playful Bubbles. I must also give due props to my makeup artist, who is from a family of strong and beautiful people whom I have always admired. My weekend would not have been half so wonderful without these people.

Thank you as well to every cast-member who came up to give me a hug, who told me they missed me, who went out of their way to play with me. You do not know how that touched me. And thank you to the crew: all of you are the beating heart of the Faire, and I love you all and missed you dearly.

The weekend was too short, far too short in the end. I crammed as much as I could into it and wrung every last bit of emotion out of it, and I still wish I could have more. My cup has been topped up for a little while with love and grace and friendship, and I am still riding on the high of that.

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Steven said...

I was there on Sunday and you were elegant, beautiful and truly awesome!! Early on Sunday I walked up and said welcome back to you while you stood on your tree stump in the glade. You gave me a smile in return, and a smile from Gaia is always special.

I could tell how happy and at peace you were. There was a glow to your face that was very magical. We only saw Gaia that one time early Sunday as we walked through the glade for the first time. It was the perfect way to begin our day

My wife and I have some beautiful photos of you and will share them once they are processed and online.

Thanks for helping to make Sunday even more magical than normal!