Monday, August 29, 2011

Iki . . .

It's been quite a while since I did a full-fledged photoshoot, and since I'm currently between books (for the moment), I wasn't planning on spending my weekend writing. So, I decided to dress a wig, slap on some makeup, and take some pictures;)

The concept was obviously punk-geisha. I was not making an effort to be accurate; I could do that, but I don't currently own a kimono that would be appropriate. I decided to go for the editorial end, and when I worked on the pics in post-production, they veered towards a pseudo-futuristic, Firefly-esque gritty which I kinda like;)

A note about doing a photoshoot sans photographer: don't do it. It took me three-times as long to set up, and there was a lot of dashing back and forth to look at the images and then set up the timer for the next shot. I should think about investing in a remote shutter trigger if I'm going to keep this up; it would have made things a lot easier!

If I could find a job styling photoshoots, I think that would be a blast. Where does one get a job like that, anyway?

*Iki: "cool" in the geisha dialect of Gion.

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anastasiastarz said...

Have you looked at modelmayhem? It's a community for MUAs/photographers/stylists/models, and it's pretty much world wide.