Friday, September 23, 2011

Always . . .

Bridesmaids just came out on DVD, and I'm taking a second to say, unequivocably: rent it. Especially if you're a chick. Guys will laugh too, no doubt, but this really is the Hangover for women: hilarious, raunchy, and just at the edge. It has that uncomfortable humor too, like the Office: you squirm because you can see that it hits too close to home, you can feel the character's embarrassment like its your own. It is also truthful and heartfelt too. So, to sum up: hilarious. Raunchy. Truthful. Edgy. Heartfelt.

There's no downside here, unless you dislike laughing, or it causes you intense pain from a recent abdominal surgery, or something. Every actress is at the top of her game here, especially Kristen Wiig (who I hope to see more of as she finally starts to catch fire in Hollywood).

Side note: I was thinking about this movie long after I saw it, and not necessarily because of how funny it was. I identified pretty strongly with Kristen Wiig's character, a woman in her thirties who was trying to live her dream and saw it slip away, embarrassed by what a fuck-up she had become and humiliated by her poverty, always making the wrong choices. It was tough for me to watch a few scenes; Wiig does not flinch away from the embarrassment, or go easy on herself. Her car in particular reminded me of Serenity! It was refreshing to see a real woman onscreen, dealing with basic issues (not just trying to fit into her Manolos). The movie had personal meaning for me, and while my dear readers may not identify as closely with her character as I did, I still highly recommend Bridesmaids. If you have a hoo-hah, you will probably find it funny.

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