Monday, September 26, 2011

Forgotten and Fabulous . . .

A short while back, I blogged about Nancy Upton and her sheer fantastic moxie, entering the ridiculous and insulting American Apparel plus-size model contest and using it as a platform for satire. After I blogged about her, we got into contact and about collaborating on a photoshoot someday; we have similar taste and style, and working with her for Seamstress of Avalon sounded like a whole lot of fun. I don't think either of us thought it would happen this quickly, though!

She contacted me a week ago to let me know that AA was flying her and her photographer out to LA for the weekend, and did I still want to do a shoot? Did I? I went into full prep mode, and on saturday headed into downtown LA to meet Nancy and Shannon, get Nancy into makeup, hair and costume, and we all trekked out to Griffith Park to wander around the Old Zoo.

Basically, the Old Zoo is this run-down, overgrown, abandoned zoo not far from the present-day Los Angeles Zoo; it was built in the '30's and abandoned in the '60's, and still stands. People shoot there all the time, and walking around, I can certainly see why: old rusted cages covered in grafitti and rather spooky-looking rocks sprawl over beautiful land that looks out over the city. We couldn't have found a more interesting location (though, we almost didn't find it at all!)

It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun; I can't wait to see the pictures Shannon took, and to post the new pieces in my store. I loved working with both these girls; they were an absolute joy. Stay tuned for pics!

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Julia said...

Thank you for your fantastic costuming work and your collaboration with Nancy and Shannon. I think all three of you will be dancing about, flush with well deserved success as the lights go out at American Apparel for the last time. Mmmmwah!