Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy (Steampunk) Halloween!

Yep; the Steampunk ensemble is finally done;)

And, yes: I really did go to the office dressed this way!

The Money Dress skirts have certainly gotten a workout, and they saved me quite a bit of work this time around too!

I intend to gussy up the goggles some more, but this was all there was time for . . .

Ta-dah! And next weekend I get to wear this again, for Comikaze;)


Maggie said...


Anonymous said...

Woo baby SO worth the wait. You look awesome :) I really like the green with your hair!
Happy Halloween!

Steven said...

Love it!! You and the outfit are absolutely gorgeous. Great job!

Gette said...

Love it!!! Your hair looks amazing too!