Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long and Winding Road . . .

I have often said that if there's a complicated, difficult way to accomplish something, I will usually pick that. I have a tendency to take a simple project and go the extra mile with it, and then throw on another mile just for kicks. These are never projects that end up making me money, of course; usually, I'll spend more money on these types of things than I ought to, getting a freakish reward out of doing something "right".

My latest potentially expensive project is the packaging of my audiobook for "Outcast". These are not CDs that I'm putting up for sale; I'm giving them to a few members of my family as gifts. I'm sure they would be perfectly happy with receiving a few envelopes with CDs in them, and call it a day. But, can I stomach doing that? Of course not. Instead, I'm planning to package the CDs in a ridiculously elaborate fashion, for no reason other than my own satisfaction at doing it.

Its at times like these that I figure I probably ought to stick my head in a bucket. But instead I'm going to forge ahead and produce something that will drive me crazy for the next month or so, until I get it right. I'll document with pictures of course, because, crazy always needs to be documented.

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S.L. Gabriel said...

I occasionally have such drives, if it is something I care very much about; but it's something I have to do I am the Master of Procrastination.