Thursday, October 6, 2011

Candy . . .

The Tarsem-directed, as-yet-untitled Snow White project (why not just call it Snow White? Hello?) released some pics today of the scrumptious Eiko Ishioka costumes. I am a fan of Eiko's in a major way; she pushes the limits of what fabric can do, and creates some seriously dramatic looks in all the films she works on. The Cell, The Fall, and Bram Stoker's Dracula got their singular look from her designs.

She is not a costumer, though. If you have her book, Eiko on Stage (which I do, of course), she talks about costume designing like sculpting fabric on the body, and one of her problems, consistently, is that she tends to design things that can't actually be produced or worn. She has no background in clothing, as most costumers do, so it makes her an unlikely designer. Yet, the things she produces elevate the art of costume design, and truly set the tone of whatever film she's working on.

The designs for the new Snow White film look like no exception. Check out a few slideshows here and here. And drool away.

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Jesse (Great Grandmother's Kitchen) said...

Oh, my...very pretty! This is the first I'd heard of this project.