Monday, February 6, 2012

Dressed Sharp . . .

The suit is finished! Yay! The project, all told, took around 20 hours, which is really not bad when you consider how much handwork I ended up doing.

As you'll remember, I started with Eva Dress pattern 2165. I shortened the skirt a tiny bit to make it less '30's and more '40's, and added shoulder pads.

Here's the mockup. Originally I had made a silk ruffle-front blouse to wear under it, but the ruffles proved too bulky and the jacket crosses fairly high, so you couldn't really see them anyway. I decided to go with just a silk scarf. The suit went together fairly well, but there were a few darts that needed to be added that weren't in the pattern instructions; vintage patterns really aren't for the faint of heart. Once I had added small darts in the back of the each elbow and at the back shoulders, the pieces fit together as they should.

The jacket in process. As you can see, the scarf really is just enough under the jacket; the double-breasted cross is fairly high, and i'm wearing a full slip under it.

My favorite part of the jacket is the buttoned lapels. I cannot tell you how much I love these.

If I'm ambitious, I might just decide to make a dress this coming weekend from another '40's pattern I have and some extra fabric; it was a backup, in case the suit didn't work out. But now that I have an extra weekend before the Fort MacArthur event, I might as well not waste it;) Meanwhile, stay tuned for pics from the eventn on the 18th! I can't wait!

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