Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul . . .

I know the above picture seems to have nothing to do with the TMBG song from the post title, but bear with me. They are actually connected;)

So, the other day, after a hellishly busy week at work, a coworker and I headed out towards Beverly Hills to pick up a work-related item from another office, and we decided to grab lunch while we were out there. While at lunch (I cannot remember the last time I ate lunch at a table in a restaurant!), we talked about the future in general, and where we want to be or wish we were. As the restaurant we were at seemed to be featuring their pies, it reminded me of a little dream I've had for a few years: opening a pie-based restaurant.

This is a *ahem* pie-in-the-sky kind of dream (forgive the pun) and it will never happen. But, when life starts to get me down I imagine what it would be like to go to work everyday and make pies for people for a living. Everyone would always be happy to see you, and always want what you were selling. In my dream, my cafe is kind of reminiscent of the Pie Hole from the short-lived but delightful series "Pushing Daisies": all bright colors and paper lanterns and whimsy, with a checkerboard floor. I would finally dye my hair pink and learn how to roller skate, and would spend my days covered in flour and sugar and smelling of chocolate and raspberries and other yummy things. The song title (and inspiration) comes from a version of the song I have from the "Pushing Daisies" soundtrack, and every time my iPhone plays it I think of my little pie shop.

Of course, such a dream is not easy: I would need schooling, certifications, licenses, and such, not to mention a premises, equipment, decor, staff, bakery supplies . . . . and around $80,000 later I might have my "Ninja Baker" cafe. No small undertaking, I know. And, while my real passion lies in acting and costuming, my little pie shop will remain just a dream, hovering along the edges, the blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch.

But, it's still a nice dream.


Kimba said...

You need to stop dreaming about things and make them real! You would be more than eligible for scholarships & grants & loans to go to school, for whatever you want! Go for it!

anastasia said...

well, there's always retirement... (a chance for that second, third, or fourth career)