Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

Okay, that's probably not the best sentiment, given that it's about a bunch of kids killing each other. But, imagine it in Effie's voice, and it makes more sense;)

I decided to go ahead with the Effie costume, and damn SDCC. I know it will be expensive, but I never, ever make myself anything without some kind of excuse, and I end up passing on a lot of projects I want to do because of that. I'm not saying this marks the beginning of a period of willy-nilly spending on crazy costumes. But, I have decided to make this one just for me, and I hope to find reasons to wear it out. I'll certainly show progress to y'all, so at least you can appreciate it;)

And now, let the 74th Hunger Games begin! (Man, if I was a Tribute, I'd be toast.)

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Nicole said...

Yay! I'm glad you're going to go ahead and do it. You do such beautiful work, I can't wait to see the progress! :)