Friday, March 16, 2012

Best of Intentions . . .

I'm still doing that self-help course, and though it is calling for you to find your "soulmate", I'm not just approaching it that way. I'm looking at it as an all-around life makeover, and that's how I've applied the latest lesson: Setting Intentions.

The book basically says that in order to achieve something, an important first step is saying what you want clearly, and then behaving as though it will come true (while, at the same time, going with the flow and accepting whatever outcome). Naturally, the book wants me to make some sort of crazy-pants "I will be married before my next birthday!" claim, which I'm not prepared to do.

Instead, I've decided to apply this to my life in general, and I'm going to set an intention here: In five years, I will own my own house.

I have this dream of buying a small plot of land and building a tiny house on it; since moving out to California, I have haunted the Tumbleweed Tiny Home site and fallen in love with their Enesti house. I have always wanted a place of my own. I grew up in rented spaces, always feeling the impermanence of such things, the need to keep quiet and leave no mark behind. And, the idea of building a small cottage is perfect for me: cozy, comfortable, and personal, with my touches everywhere and everything stamped as mine. I would paint it brightly (kinda like the house from "Up") and fill it with repainted, refinished thrift store finds and my own artwork. I might even build another, smaller space for my workshop behind the main house, like the Zinn.

The project would cost around $100K, once I find and purchase land and build and decorate a small house. In my current situation, I am a looooong way away from being able to do anything like this; certainly longer than 5 years. But, setting this intention has the effect of giving me a target and a goal; I can try to start saving and research as much as I can in the next five years, and maybe I won't be able to achieve this by my 37th birthday, but I might feel closer by then. 

And, who knows what might happen in five years? Anything is possible.

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Christine said...

I love tiny houses too! Tumbleweed is such an inspiration. I'd like to build a house in the 700-800 ft. range as well, I think it's a great goal and I wish you luck with it :)