Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday.

This morning at 2am, I was awoken from sleep by the gentle sound of running water. *Tinkle, tinkle* I awoke thinking, "Is it raining outside?" I opened my eyes and listened. Nope. No rain. Holycrapwhatthefuck.

Jumping out of bed, I got ten steps to my bathroom when my feet encountered the squish squish of EXTREMELY WET CARPET. Fuckity fuck. The bathroom floor was running with water, all from my suddenly, spontaneously cracked toilet bowl. So, out into the hallway I went, knocking on my neighbor's door, who also happens to be the building manager, and he mops up and promises to have the problem fixed today.

It's a good thing I spent Sunday cleaning up the sewing room, which until yesterday was still full of boxes. I didn't bother to go back to sleep; I finished clearing the sewing room floor of whatever clothes and costumes were still straggling around, moved Viola into the room with fresh litter and hay, and shut the door. She was pretty unhappy, but would have been unhappier still hopping over the wet, squishy carpet.

In response, here is a tripping Alan Tudyk from Death at a Funeral, which perfectly sums up my mentality level after so little sleep.


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