Monday, June 18, 2012

I Want My . . .

After 18 months going without, I finally did it: I bought a tv.

The first few months in California were full of withdrawal for Sunday afternoons on the Food Network, catching ANTM, watching shows I missed on OnDemand. I hated missing the shows I had kept up with, though the number was fairly small. I was antsy without something to provide background noise.

Then, I got used to it. The shows I wanted to keep up with, I read recaps on and such. The others I realized I didn't care about that much to begin with. I could always Netflix them once they came out on DVD. And, I had my laptop for my ever-expanding DVD library.

But, I always said if I ever got a little unexpected money, I would bite the bullet and spring for an actual tv, and graduate past my little laptop screen. Well, my check for my security deposit on the old apartment came through, and I bit that bullet. My new tv should be arriving thyis week. All weekend I kept taking movies off the shelf and replacing them again, saying to myself, "No; I'll watch that once I have my tv." Imagine being able to read the subtitles on foreign films! Seeing the detail on costumes! Being able to hear the movie from ten feet away! I'm fairly excited. I know it's silly in the grand scheme of things, and I should be worried about finding a better job or finishing my LOJ costume. But, for the moment, my new tv is the most exciting thing going on:)

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Nicole said...

Yay for a new tv! :) You deserve it.