Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Season, New Character . . .

So, for the past six years, I've been a proud cast-member of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Get ready for the shameless plug in 3 . . .2 . . .1 . . . Located right on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin in Kenosha, there are acres and acres of permanent buildings and streets that get filled every summer with thyousands of performers and shop-keepers doing some of the best work I've ever seen. These are talented, hard-working artists who come back year after year because they love what they do, and it shows: we have one of the best faires in the country, bar-none. For less than it would cost to put your kids in a roller coaster harness with a hot dog and a slurpee you can get stage shows, fun, and even a little historical education to boot!

In the past, I have played Helena von Snakenborg, both as a Maid of Honor:

That's me on the right! My sister is on the left . . .

To Helena as a Marchioness:
That outfit was fun to do;)

I loved Helena. Based on an actual historical figure of the period, she was happy and upbeat and ready to be pleased with the world, even when she didn't entirely understand it (she was Swedish!). I'm glad I got the opportunity to bring her back last year; she will always hold a special place in my heart.

For the last two years, I've played Theophila Chatterly in the Street Cast:

Teddy was such fun; Irish and a town matchmaker, she was authoritative and a busy-body all at once, and saw the town as her responsibility in many ways. I matched a lot of random people in my two seasons playing her, and had such a lovely time.

At the same time, I entered an entirely new world, and started doing airbrush makeup for another troupe, the Fantastickals. I had always admired them from afar: their beauty, their silence, the ethereal quality they brought to everything around them. Now, finally, after a maddening and panic-inducing preparation and audition, I am finally joining them!

Ever since the troupe's creation, I have been fascinated with what they do and how they do it. As an actor, I'm always looking for new ways to stretch and challenge myself, and these performers communicate in absolute silence, moving gracefully, slowing everything down and bringing it to a moment of stillness.They touch each patron (especially the children they encounter) with an experience they can have nowhere else. These talented and dedicated people are adding me to their ranks, and I couldn't be more honored.

And, I can't wait to get painted, for a change!

Stay tuned for pics and updates on my new character, "Gaia" . . .

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