Thursday, June 11, 2009

DIY Wedding Fascinator Project . . .

Source: By Harriet

Source: Hats N Stuff

It's no secret that I looove me a cute fascinator, and as I've mentioned on this blog in the past, I adore the idea of using a fascinator for the reception in lieu of a long veil (which can seriously limit your dancing-queen potential!). Looking at what's out there, though, my crafty DIY side--which is pretty much all of me--starts thinking, "I don't need to pay $200 for this! I know I can make one just as cute for a lot less."

What you would need:
-Plastic or metal hair combs; Goody sells them for about $3-$4 each in most stores
-Merry Widow or bird cage veiling (it is sometimes called by either name); you can find affordable veiling by the yard at several millinery sites, like MacCulloch and Wallis
-Silk, velvet, or cotton flowers; again, there are lots of sources for these that are fairly inexpensive:Nicholas Kniel, Judith M Millinery, Hats By Leko are just a few examples!
-Spray of feathers (optional!); you can find these very inexpensively in most craft stores, though the above sites will sell them as well!
-Needle and thread

Take the comb and gather a little veiling; sew it on (or for the very non-seamstressy out there, use hot glue, though I don't recommend it!) Then, take your flower and feathers, experiment with the prettiest arrangement, and sew them in place onto the comb.* That's it! Altogether, you'll probably end up spending about $50 (if that), and spend about an hour on assembly, and you have a cute and sassy fascinator that will set you apart from the crowd at your wedding;)
Extra cute? Make fascinators for your bridesmaids to match their dresses, or even have a "Craft Day" with them, and you can all make them together!

* Note: If you use a particularly large flower, you may want to give your fasinator a little more stability by using a buckram round under it; again, you can get these at a lot of craft and hobby stores, and you can also find them at the millinery supply sites I listed. Instead of sewing the flowers and/or feathers onto the comb, you would sew them onto the buckram base and the comb and veil get sewn onto that;)

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