Thursday, June 11, 2009

Favorite Product Thursdays!

Black Cage Gladiator Sandal

Today's favorite product comes from Torrid, a sister store to Hot Topic that sells fashions and products for plus-size girls. I've been seeing the gladiator sandal everywhere this season, and started looking for the right pair at least two months ago. Every pair had something wrong with them; I am very picky! Finally, I found these on and fell in love.

They are pretty fabulous, and the best feature is the extra-wide calf. Most average women do not have the bird-legs that boots and shoes of this nature require; I usually need to stuff my legs into boots and pray that the zipper will hold as it cuts off my circulation, and I am nowhere in the minority there. But, these sandals have a super-cute up-the-calf style that has a lot of extra space in the buckles; I actually had to adjust them to the smallest hole to get them to fit correctly! Plus, they zip up the back, so there's no need to fiddle with multiple buckles every time you put them on.

Surf on over and check them out, before they are gone!

1 comment:

Kimba said...

Sorry, gladiator sandals were bad in the 80s, they still are just as bad! I can't share the love, I'm afraid! I do, however love Torrid!