Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do what the sign says . . . .

So, anyone who's stopped by this blog recently has seen this pic on the right sidebar. It was a slogan used by King George VI at the start of World War II, and it is so friggin' British that I cannot help but love it. It's like "Mrs. Miniver", that fabulous Greer Garson film all about stiff upper lips and keeping your dignity while the bombs are falling. From IMDB:

The Vicar's final rousing speech [from Mrs. Miniver]was printed in magazines like "Time" and "Look". President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered that it be broadcast on the Voice of America, and copies of it were dropped over Europe as propaganda. This speech has come to be known as The Wilcoxon Speech, in tribute to actor Henry Wilcoxon's stirring delivery of it.

So, imagine how excited I was when I saw that the BBC America Shop now has a t-shirt with this slogan! Even though it only comes in men's sizes, I'm sure I could make it work:

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