Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favorite Product Thursdays!

This week's favorite product comes from Ann Taylor Loft, one of my very favorite stores; I am lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have one in the first floor of the building I work in, and most of my work wardrobe includes Ann Taylor pieces. This recommendation, however, is for their jeans, which I had never tried until last weekend.

As a curvy girl, I have the perpetual problem of finding jeans that will fit correctly; I usually go for low-rise, so I can fit my hips and not worry about my waist being disproportionately small (there is a ten inch difference in my hip-to-waist ratio). Even with low-rise, however, I still have problems, as most women do; my usual jeans staple is Old Navy Diva jeans, but their sizing is so inconsistent that I am anywhere from an 8 to a 12, all in the same style!

So, imagine my delight when Loft had a denim sale last week and I decided to give their jeans a try; on the pricier side, I had never considered them before, but the $19.99 sale price was a definite incentive. I grabbed a pair of Modern Boot Cuts in a 10 (!) and jaunted over to the dressing room, prepared to be disappointed yet again.

Let me just say, these are the softest, most flattering, most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. The denim feels lived-in without being worn-looking, and the fit was perfect; my ass actually looked pretty good! There were no gaps or sags at the waist, but neither was it too tight through the thighs. All around, pretty fabulous.

I'll have to try to get Loft denim from now on, I guess; it's hard to go back to prepackaged cheese slices when you've had a taste of perfectly aged asiago on your sandwich, after all;)

*Note: You will have to stop in your nearest Loft store for the denim collection; there is very little online! White jeans? Shiver.


Sarah said...

I am shivering at the thought of white jeans as well. I am a daredevil this summer with a purchase of yellow shorts from American Eagle. I am still afraid to wear them :O

Ginger said...

Shorts have not made it into my wardrobe yet . . . I'm still working my way up to them;)

Julia said...

Okay, I really needed to know about this :) I had no idea they sold such fabulous jeans! ATL is one of my favorite places to shop!

Ginger said...


mommy4life said...

I will definitely be making a stop by ATL very soon. I stopped by from SITS! Thanks for the tip!