Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silk Spectre II Dress Diary-Part 4 (almost there!)

Well, we're in the home stretch for Silk Spectre, folks! It's taken a lot of sweating, cursing, and a few minor injuries, but it's mostly done. A few things I've learned along the way:
1. PVC is a bitch to work with. Don't try to put it on on a 90-degree day, after a run, after a shower. Just say no.
2. Super Glue makes patent leather curl. When I put the boots on, the back of the shoes inside curled under my heel, and I couldn't get them out. Very uncomfortable!
3. Malin Akerman must be really short; I'm 5'7", but in the Pleaser shoes (which have 4.5" heels), I'm 6' tall. As my sister said, "Now you really do look like a superhero!"
4. PVC gloves stick to everything; once I'm dressed, I'm completely useless.

Still, for all the aggravation, I think it turned out pretty well. There are some things that need to be re-glued, reinforced, and slightly revamped, but all-in-all, not bad. The only things I have left are the sliders to attach the garters to the bodysuit (right now they are only attached to the corset, making the corset and the bodysuit two separate pieces), and the zipper pull needs to get glued to the zipper. Otherwise, Finite!

Stay tuned for the final pics and an account of the experience wearing it out in public in August, for Wizard World Chicago!


Emma said...

Wow! You look absolutely incredible! To tell you the truth, I have yet to see a better custom Silk Spectre II costume. I truly envy your talent! :)

Ginger said...


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Stopping by from sits to say hi!

Emma said...

If I may ask, about how much would you say it cost to create this costume?

Ginger said...

Probably around $250. The two PVC suits, the shoes, the garter supplies, the belt, glue, clay and paint . . . that's roughly what I'd say for budget. Not the most expensive costume I've ever made, but not cheap either;)

Eneriel said...

I've just found your blog and wow..I'm in love with your costume!! I want to make it for Halloween, although I am not sure if I will be able to find the materials and all that. Well, I'll have a look at your costume diary and try to get some ideas.

Ginger said...

All the materials were found online, mostly through ebay. That's my number one source for materials most of the time. Good luck!

Becca said...

I'm in the research and spend too much $ stage of developing my own Silk Spectre 2 costume when I stumbled across your blog. What an inspiration!
We're using different materials but I got a lot of construction tips that were very helpful. This is a really hard look to recreate (it can go so wrong so fast...) Excellent work, the best I've seen yet.