Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays!

This week's favorite site has been my go-to place for silk for several years. Silk Baron never fails to provide the best silks at the best prices, and Andrew is always a joy to work with. I have used his silks in several Renaissance, Victorian, and other assorted costumes: his tuscan olive and fiery swallowtail were in my sister's Judith North dress; his snakeskin and caribbean blue were in my Peacock Faery ensemble, to name just a few. In a month or two I'll be ordering 17 yards of clover dupioni silk from him for the Money Dress repro, so suffice it to say; I'm a good customer;) Enough chat; feast your eyes on the silks below, and head over to his site for more:

Fiery Swallowtail

Pixie Dust

Arizona Sunset


He offers silk charmeuse, chiffon, georgette, habotai, organza, satin, taffeta, velvet, and lots more, and his pricing is the best I've seen. Don't go down to your local craft store for their poly/fake dupioni silk; next time you need silk fabric for something, head over to Silk Baron. Just wipe the drool off your chin when you're through;)

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