Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovely Package Exchange: Package 1

I received the first of two of my packages in the Lovely Package Exchange, and it was just delightful! I was so excited when I got home and found it waiting in the downstairs foyer, and even the outside box was decorated: little bunnies and leaves on brown craft wrapping.

I brought it upstairs and opened the box, finding the first little item: a bunny button. How adorable! I untied the navy ribbon, lifted the paper, and found:

Holy crap! The motherload of cute! First was the little cream hat with navy grosgrain and buttons. That was followed by all sorts of little wrapped bundles:

Each one contained sweet little surprises: wrapped brownies, bath salts, pretty notecards, and even a book on Queen Victoria's watercolors and sketches.

Needless to say, I was tickled by my lovely package. I hope the sender likes mine as much as I liked hers!

Can't wait for the second, and I hope my swap partners get mine soon!


Eva Gallant said...

How fun!

Just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hooe you'll do the same.

LAN said...

The hat is very cool; you look damn cute in it!! :) :)