Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Projects for Next Year . . .

Yup; I'm just that stupid. It's not as though I don't already have plans for some ridiculously ornate Halloween/Birthday dresses for the end of this year, but I'm already starting to plan next year's stuff.

Seeing as it's my last year for Chicago Comic-Con, I want to go out with a bang. Silk Spectre and Bellatrix were such a hit, but I have always loved doing groupings of costumes that go together. Add to this my general geek-girl worship of Colleen Atwood and my affection for Tim Burton films, and you get obvious choices for the costumes next year: The Queen of Hearts and the White Queen.
The QoH has an obviously Elizabethan-inspired ensemble, which is exciting to me, as it's something I can basically build in my sleep. The difficulty will come chiefly in finding the overskirt fabric, which seems to be a light-to-medium weight gold brocade. Good thing I'm giving myself plenty of time to look!
As for the WQ, it's tough to see a whole lot of detail at this point. I've gone ahead and purchased 3mm hot-fix rhinestones for the sheer sleeves, and I've gotten some white lace with metallic gold threads running through it, but it's going to take a little while before any better images come out of her in costume. I'll have to wait to do my in-depth analysis until later.

I'm excited about the QoH, however, and I'll probably start analyzing her costume in the coming weeks; look for posts on that to come.

Once again, I think my sister and I will kick all sorts of ass at Comic-Con next year; I'd better make it one to remember!

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anna's trunk09 said...

Just found your blog! I,too,think Colleen Atwood is a genius! And what would life be without too many complicated sewing projects to tackle?? LOL
Good luck with your Alice dresses-I'll look forward to seeing your progress!