Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Style . . .

All photos courtesy Wedding Style Magazine

My sister recently picked up the latest issue of Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style Magazine, a book devoted to the grandest platinum weddings out there. Truly, the real weddings featured in the pages are probably in the 100K+ range, but that doesn't mean even a budget-conscious bride can't get ideas.

I love the idea of bright pavilions for outdoor weddings. A real DIY-er could get inexpensive collapsible frames and fabric in her colors, break out the sewing machine, and presto! An opulent personal tent for the bridal party.

Love, love, love. Monochromatic weddings in bright tones are so in right now, and the different sized and shaped lanterns are fabulous. They're pretty cheap too, especially from a place like Luna Bazaar.

My sister loves this idea, and a little while back I posted a DIY project to build centerpieces similar to these. Simplify them a little, and they're totally doable with sheet moss, manzanita branches, and silk flowers.

Again, lovely centerpieces, and the low benches are so zen and comfy-looking!

Everything on this table is DIY-possible, but it looks completely elegant. Martha has a similar project for paper flowers on branches here.

All right, this is a little much, but I can't get over the albino peacock! Slightly creepy, yes, but still fabulous! For a winter wedding, albino peacock feathers added to centerpieces and strategically around the decor can add a real touch of glamour. They can be more expensive and much harder to find; you can usually find natural ones that have been bleached more easily. I did find some from real white peacocks, however;)
That's my wedding burp for the day. Go forth and DIY your wedding;)

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