Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays! (on Wednesday!)

I was a little distracted yestersday and didn't quite get to my favorite site posting; sorry! Here it is today, and this week's is pretty cute: Twigs and Honey!

I love little flower and feather fascinators, and when I discovered Twigs and Honey I did a little happy dance;) Their pieces are dramatic and whimsical all at the same time, and that ain't easy.

They have several hair adornment catagories that encompass flowers, feathers, headbands, veils, and such. Personally, I love the Special Projects section, with pieces like the one below:

C'mon, how cute is this? It would guarantee you a unique wedding picture;)

This is fab for a winter wedding; I adore the little red berries peeking out.

Ferns are often overlooked in millinery, but I love the look of delicate fern fronds or sprays. Nothing says woodsy to me like a curling fern.

Make this in a deep purple, and I'm sold;)

They also sell jewelry, belts, shrugs, and cute-as-a-button boutonnieres. What a lovely way to dress up bland bridesmaid dresses and tuxes!

Check out Twigs and Honey and prepare to be delighted;) Getting all kinds of ideas . . . . .


Kimba said...

Definately unique. I can't say I share you love of the berries, however.

Isiswardrobe said...

Very lovely!