Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 Things That Make Me Happy (10 TTMMH) . . .

1. Beautiful Sunsets

The last few weeks have been a little stressful for me. I could dwell on the things going wrong, or I could be grateful for the things that make me happy. Guess which one I pick;)

So without further ado:

2. Great umbrellas for rainy days

3. Bunnies

4. Chocolate

5. Cupcakes

7. Banana Shpeel tonight

8. Holiday decorations going up everywhere

9. Vanilla Chai

10. Star Trek on DVD

Today is the start of greatness, nothing else to it;) What makes you happy, dear readers?


ThePeSla said...

(Seamstress, hope this is what you want and it is not too much- feel free not to post it.)

*The profuse stars at night

*Her soul thru the obscuring curtains at her shower

*Forgotten tastes of simple foods combined and rediscovered from childhood

*Freckles and red hair

*Flags of the world and other pure minimal art

*The sound of a guitar when you first pick it up to play after a long time

*When some people tell me my words or an old poem made a difference to them, made them happy

*Awakening to the sense of life, its fragility and knowing we survived and will despite memories of the chill of night at sunrise

*That I have to notice I am not sick nor the heat and cold and the worries of others more than we can deal with.

Anonymous said...

Many things make me happy, crisp fall mornings, kisses, cuddles on the couch, visits with my family, my niece and nephew......

I love that umbrella and I also love Christmas decor going up!!!

Rook No. 17 said...

Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts and joys. That umbrella truly is FAB! BTW, I have an award for you at Rook No. 17. Thanks, as always for the great inspirations and jaw-dropping eye candy!

A Perfect Peach said...

that umbrella is killer!