Thursday, November 12, 2009

Covet Thursday . . .

I am onboard the tall boot bandwagon in a big way; only with such a ridiculous trend can you clomp around pretending to be Jack Sparrow 24/7. Flat or stilletto, leather, suede or anything in between, I love me some over-the-knee boots.

These are under $100! Please, bank account? Can I have them? Pleeease?

Skinny jeans? Check. Oversized cowl-neck? Check. These boots? Yes, please.


Yep, the heels on this make it pretty impractical. But, practicality in boots is like carbs in LA: incompatible.

I heart this trend, and I hope I can find a (cheap) pair before the winter is out. I may be clomping around the snows in Chicago, but in my heart I'll be on the high seas;)

What about you, dear readers? What fall/winter trend are you coveting?

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