Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wading through the recipe wilderness . . . .

As I prepare to open the Ninja Baker Etsy Store, I'm combing through the recipes I've collected over the years and realizing something crucial: at least half the stuff I've made is not practical for this. After all, you can't send chocolate mousse in the mail (well, easily) and a cake covered in frosting is not a very good idea either. Nor is anything that must be refrigerated, breaks or crumbles at the drop of a hat, or is made in very large batches that don't keep well. Grrr.

I've managed to narrow it down to a few catagories, like cookies, candies, cupcakes, and brownies, and here are a few selections from each:
-Chai Cupcakes
-Quadruple Chocolate Brownies
-Earl Grey Infused Truffles
-Fruit Jellies
-Cardomom Marshmallows
-Gump Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookes
-Pumpkin Bars
-Linzer Cookies
-Cake Pops

Now, I plan to give these all ridiculous names of course, like Badass Cake Pops or Shut the Front Door Fruit Jellies, but for now I'm just glad I have twenty or so good solid recipes to work from. I smell experimentation-deliciousness coming up . . . .


Christy said...

As a fellow baker, I think you are making a wise choice to limit what you can make to send.
I wish you great success with this venture

samsstuff said...

Your choices sound delicious!
Good luck with this new venture!