Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays: Wanna Hava Cookie!

This week's favorite site is Wanna Hava Cookie, a New York bakery started by Marissa Angebranndt out of her love for, what else: cookies. I share a similar love, so I sympathize;)

And talk about yummy! One of her main staples is the whoopie pie, something I discovered while I was going to school down south and have never quite gotten over. She makes them in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet varieties, with all manner of fillings. I'm getting a craving already. And, that's to say nothing of the cookies, brownies, and other edibles she makes.

I'm definitely impressed, and I'm definitely getting ideas . . .  Head on over to Wanna Hava Cookie and check it out for yourself;)

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