Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the (cell phone) weeds . . .

I'm trying to pick a new cell phone and carrier, and right now I'm looking primarily at two phones, each on different carriers and plans:
-The Droid with a Verizon plan
-The MyTouch 3G with a T-Mobile plan

There seem to be pros and cons with each company, and with each phone, from what I've read and what I'm hearing from friends. The Droid is the new, sexy phone from Motorola, and it does seem to have a lot of features, but that makes the plan relatively expensive per month (not to mention the price-tag of the phone itself!), and because of its newness there are very few reviews that can speak to its long-term performance.

The MyTouch 3G is less expensive and I like the price of the monthly plan better, but T-Mobile has less coverage than Verizon, and there are complaints about the performance of the keyboard on the touch-screen (there is no physical QWERTY keyboard on the MyTouch).

This is the phone I plan to take with me to California and hope to have for several years, so I don't want to skimp on quality or service, but I do want to keep my monthly bill under $100 a month, if possible. So, I'm throwing it out to you, dear readers. Does anybody have any experience with these phones or carriers, and can give me some advice?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I have a blackberry - good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have no experience with either phone (we both have BlackBerry Curve phones), but I do have experience with both carriers. T-Mobile was great. I had no problems with them whatsoever. I only changed carriers because my parents changed carriers and it was eating all of my minutes not having cell-to-cell calling. If they hadn't switched, I might still be using T-Mobile today.

Verizon has had a spotty track record for me and my family. My parents had Verizon and constantly had troubles with dead spots, which is why they switched to Cingular, which is now AT&T. At first, I couldn't even get Verizon up in Zion because nobody would offer it; Zion was apparently one huge dead zone for that carrier. I have since migrated to Verizon because that's who Carl had and we wanted to combine both of our cell phone plans into one account. I've not had any problems with them since I joined, so I guess their network has improved. Our phone plan is pretty expensive, however. Because Verizon locks up so many of our phone's features, we are forced into buying the expensive plan because that's the only way to access all the features we want to use. Wohlers has T-Mobile, I believe, and he says they don't lock up the phones as much, so you can use the features of their smartphones in any wireless network environment - like an internet café, for example. Carl has done a little investigating in this area, but we haven't switched yet. It's something to keep in mind, though.

Hope this helps.

Kimba said...

The My Touch is pretty freakin' cool and is what I'm hoping to get when my T-Mobile plan runs out in September. I've talked to several people regarding it vs. the iPhone and its a much better phone all in all.