Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aaannnddd . . . . Ta-dah!!!!

I got the last piece for Tabitha's bridal headpiece yesterday, and decided to just jump in and make it! I was careful at each step to let her know what I was doing, so she could tell me if she liked or disliked something; the last thing I wated was to get it done and have her unhappy with the results! But, I think you can tell from the picture above that she likes it!

I started with a Fosshape base which I curled over my knee and covered in white 100% silk duchesse satin with a white felt backing. Then, I hand-curled three white peacock spears--not bleached feathers, mind you! It pays to know the difference: white peacock feathers are naturally white, as they come from a white peacock. Bleached peacock feathers tend to look dirty beige; not at all what I wanted here! Thank you Susan from Peacocks Forever for your fabulous feathers and even better customer service!

To the curled feathers I added vintage velvet millinery baby's breath from Japan, and one white peacock sword feather. I stitched gathered white birdcage veiling to the base and then sewed on a vintage Art Deco dress clip, the same era and style as a beautiful brooch we just found for Tabitha's dress. Lastly, a metal comb was attached to the back, and Ta-dah!!! I'm so glad she likes it! Now, we just need to get a nice hatbox for it, and stash it away for the next 9 months . . . .

Oh, and A's reaction when he saw it? I quote: "It's very white." Men.

What do you think, dear readers?


Lulu Mae said...

beautiful! just beautiful!!!

lulu mae

Wenchy Woman said...

That is *so* pretty!

Chaz said...

(FYI -- it's Mary Anne Hagedorn; I haven't figured out how to change the identity). This is decidedly elegant, but what's even better is that it is eclectic; it's obvious that this was created for a specific person and like all good couture wear, reflects the tastes and sensibilities of the wearer and the maker in equal measure. Bridal headpieces don't have to be exceedingly elaborate to be gorgeous; they have to fit the woman who will be wearing them. You hit a home run on this one, Ginger! Well done!!

Ginger said...

Thank you, everybody! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it's nice to hear other people say they like it too;)