Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Show Bonanza!

This weekend saw two wedding shows and some major networking for Seamstress of Avalon!

Indie Wed was Saturday, and I had such a good time! I can't express how special it is to meet and talk with other artists about the amazing things they do; unlike many shows, you aren't talking with a representative of a huge hotel or design company, but the person who actually created the thing you're looking at. There was such a wonderful creative feel in the air, and everything we saw was unique and beautiful.

Tabitha and I both wore Seamstress pieces in our hair and I carried my brand-spanking-new business cards, and every single person who liked what we were wearing got a card. I went through quite a few, and it was pretty cool;)

Best fashion show, hands down. We didn't get a seat, but from our vantage point right on the side of the runway we had a perfect view of every dress. What's even better was that they were all independant designers; no cookie-cutter satin dresses that you've seen a million times.

A shout out to the very adorable Audey dresses, designed by Jess Audey. I wanted to steal every single one, for a picnic in May in the park. Cute prints and delightful colored petticoats.

Oh, Emily Rohm. I have loved your Etsy shop for a while now, but I had no idea just how beautiful your pieces truly were. This in purple for Tabitha's wedding, and I'm all set;)

Dame Couture was absolutely lovely! I wasn't familiar with their work, but I'm checking them out now! And their booth was fantastic too:

Hats, brooches, and vintage-style dresses. Heaven;)

Of course, there was more than just fashion at the show. Stationers, milliners (hello Love, Lulu Mae!), soap and candle-makers, bakeries like the marvelous Tipsy Cake, and even candy companies, as well as a few entirely unique photographers like Vavoom Pinups and a torch singer named Pearls Mahone (isn't that name great?).

I loved the displays that the event planners and floral designers at Delicate Creature and Pollen put out, and they gave us all kinds of ideas. Look at that boutonniere from Pollen! So cute!

Float Paperie definitely had a frontrunner for invitations, and I think Tabitha and A will be giving Andrea a call to set up a consultation soon. Just beautiful.

The Ravenswood Arts Center was one of the stars of the day too, and all around the hall there were classic cars displayed that just begged for a great pinup photo shoot!

We did go to another show on Sunday, the crowded and crazy Luxury Bridal Expo at the Hyatt O'Hare. The highlight? Seeing my favorite dress by Love by Enzoani walk the runway:

It was a great weekend, and I was glad to meet with a lot of talented people and pass out a lot of cards. I hope a few more people stop by the shop!

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