Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Mini-Milestone . . .

You guys remember when I posted about buying my first pair of shorts, and when I bought my yellow polka-dot bikini (which I have not worn yet!). For me, I mark my fitness milestones in clothing. I do not often weigh myself, and my body dismorphic disorder doesn't let me truly see progress in the mirror, so I mark my changes by the clothes I am able to fit into.

It seems like I'm measuring my progress in Loft clothes too; they should make me a spokesmodel;)

So, yesterday I was heading home from an office party and passed by the Loft I used to shop at when I worked in the area; on a whim, I stopped in. I haven't spent much money on clothes these last six months; all my spare cash is going towards the shop or the move, so when I shop, I usually window shop. But, I love Loft, and I decided to try on a dress I had liked since seeing it in the window weeks ago. Originally $100, it was on sale, so I thought, what the hell. But, I was disappointed to see they no longer had my size; 6 was the biggest size they had left.

Well, I was trying on a skirt anyway, so I grabbed the 6 dress off the rack and went into the dressing room. The skirt went on first; it was cute, but I had no problem putting it back. Then, there was the dress. It was a maxi dress in cotton voile, lined, which I knew meant that the lining would pull across the hips and probably not fit across my ass; voile has no stretch. I was prepaired for the slightly soul-crushing experience every woman gets when she sees herself in something that's too tight.

Then, I got the shock of my life: the 6 fit. There was room to spare around the hips and stomach (my problem area, no matter how many planks, squats or sit-ups I do), and it looked lovely on. I almost started to cry right there in the dressing room. I have never bought anything that was a size 6, ever. Even when I started buying misses clothes back when I was 12, I started with a size 8, and went up from there. It felt like a tiny victory, and I was so excited I had to even tell the girl who rung me up about it:

Me: I'm buying my first size 6!
Her: Oh? Good for you!

She did not seem nearly as impressed as I was, but, then, she hasn't been with me while I sweat through my workouts these last 18 months.

I know I still have far to go before I reach my goal; I still wear an 8 or a 10 in most clothes, especially in pants. Still, it feels amazing to have a size 6 in my closet; I'm wearing my new dress this holiday weekend, and I will feel skinny all day in it;)

*I'm also running my first 5K today! Wish me luck!

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