Monday, August 23, 2010

Cake as Art, or Art as Cake?

A previous winner

For the last several years, Threadless has sponsored a cake contest where bakers across the country can submit their cake designs based on cool, funky, beautiful t-shirts on Threadless. I have long been a fan of Threadless, which promotes artists' work in a very visual, striking way, so naturally I'm a big fan of Threadcakes.

This year's contest has just wrapped, and there are some truly amazing entries:

Zoe Badillo's interpretation of this popular tee is cute, and also kinda sad. That's emo for ya;)

Holy cow, Lauren Babis. This t-shirt gives me the willies, but not half as much as the cake. Truly amazing. Look at the detail in that pink rabbit!

I love the 3-D styling in Georgette Gamel's cake. Apparently there are a lot of pretzels in the infrastructure;)

I love this tee, and Elizabeth Ball's cake looks good enough to eat, literally. It's not easy to see how to eat some of the entries, but this one looks delicious;)

Wow. Just wow. Megan Matsumoto really nailed the intricate details on this design. And the color is just perfect!

Hilarious and also, strangely, beautiful;) Neli Josefson.

Can you believe this entry from Georgia Suter is a cake?! Apparently, the eye is gumpaste and pastillage. Amazing.

This cake by Jamie Hoffman makes me nearly lose it. I love the drips, and she spent nearly a month drying the pastillage helmet! Incredible!

There are some astonishing 2D cakes as well, and this entry from Erin Morris is just one of them. Can you believe that's all piped? The color fade is perfect!

Check out the rest of the Threadcakes entries, and stay tuned for the announcement if the winner in a week or so!

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Gette said...

Oddly enough, I found this by Googling myself haha. Yes, there was a LOT of sculpting involved and MANY pretzels as well! Thanks for mentioning my cake!