Thursday, January 20, 2011

Color Me Happy . . .

 I just got some good news: I'm allowed to paint my place! In my mind, the possibilities are endless, and all that remains is choosing what colors I want. Should I choose a deep teal? It is my favorite color!

 Maybe a more mellow sky blue. Great for a beach place!

 There's always super-drama! I can totally see myself going for a bright pink or orange . . .

 . . . or even black. Still, I'd keep this as an accent wall, if anything.

  And, for the kitchen, I'm thinking red, orange, or yellow. I have blue tiles on the sink already, so I want something to coordinate with that.

I'm obviously very excited! Now, I just have to wait until I have money to buy paint . . . ;)

What do you think, dear readers? What colors should I choose?

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purplepyro911 said...

Ooh, I love color!

Blue and orange are a classic high-energy combination, and colors lke red and orange are known to stimulate appetite and digestion, so I think orange would be a great choice for the kitchen. Our kitchen is going in a classic red-black-white combination, heavy on the red. You could do red, white, yellow and blue for a nautical motif, too. Think lots of semaphore flags and little sailboats with decals of seagulls on the walls - very colorful and lots of fun.

I personaly feel that a bedroom should always be in your favorite color, preferably a calmer, more subdued shade than you would normally choose for an active living space to help with sleep. A light teal would be breezy and beachy and would be very soothing. By contrast, a really super bright teal, accented with stark white, will make your bathroom feel clean and bright and give you a little boost of energy in the morning. Our hall bath is a bright teal-blue with white and it just looks so crisp and clean (even when I know differently!).

Black is high drama, but I wouldn't pick that color for a rented apartment. You have NO idea how many coats it takes to adequately paint a wall that color, or how many coats of Kilz it takes to cover it up if you need/want to change it! Ugh! Plus, it will make your space seem smaller and darker - unless you have an entire wall that's nothing but windows, in which case you might get away with it, but personally, I'd use black as an accent color for trim or decals, not for an entire wall. Just my opinion (based on a little experience).

Remember, don't forget the ceiling! Ceilings don't have to be white, so you could always pop a bright color on the ceiling just for some wow factor (but I wouldn't suggest putting fuschia on your bedroom ceiling unless you want to be up all night).

I'm so excited for you - it seems like all the chips are falling into place. So sorry to hear about Sebastian, but I'm sure he had a good life and went peacefully. Keep us all posted about life on the West Coast!