Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walking Long Beach . . .

I took a little walk around my neighborhood the other day and started snapping. There is something very quietly serene about Belmont Shore; it feels quintessentially California without being too materialistic or vain. It is, to use a cliche, beachy.

My street. It really does look out on the ocean.

This is one of my favorite houses: green and more like a little storybook cottage than a beachfront property. The yard is full of the most gorgeous roses, and the other morning when I was out for a run the gardeners were trimming them and I got to take some of those roses home. Simply heavenly.

It was a particularly fine day, and the beach was full of people.

I love the front yards along my street. They all have tables and chairs and look more like outdoor living rooms than yards. After all, why sit in your living room when your yard has a view of the sea?

I'm finally starting to feel like I actually live in California. And, it's a pretty amazing feeling.