Monday, January 24, 2011

Insecurities . . .

One of my favorite bloggers recently posted about blogging insecurity, how she goes through it, sometimes to the point that bloging becomes more about stats and popularity, and becomes a chore.

I've never had an overly popular blog or made a whole lot of money with it; I never expected it to. But, I definitely get blogging anxiety too, and it can feel a litle like being back in high school:

"Do they like me?"
"Are they getting bored?"
"Is anybody paying attention?"
"Am I keeping them entertained?"

There are times I feel like a complete failure as a blogger, and times I want to quit. But I try to remember that I got into this to have fun, and damn it, that's what I'm doing, for me. I hope I have been entertaining most of the time and educational some of the time, and never completely inane. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I find my feet out here in SoCal, through all the stress and the journey; I promise better posts are coming soon!

Some projects lined up so far for 2011:
-an Edwardian/Ragtime ensemble for March
-a costume for SDCC (anybody have suggestions?)
-a ballgown bodice to go with the money dress skirt
-a steampunk ensemble
-a Regency day dress and pelisse


Bridgette said...

I love your blog! You always have interesting stories or sites to share. All the pictures you use are absolutely adorable. You are so open and honest. I admire your courage to put so much of yourself out there for all to see. Thank you Ginger and keep blogging!

Pink Scarf said...

I also love your blog!

anastasiastarz said...

Does it really matter what they think? Didn't you start this blog for fun rather than as an attention seeker? If it's for passion, it doesn't matter if you have readers or not.
By the way there are problems you can use to see how many people view your blog.

Elizabeth said...

Every morning before I go to class, I always check your blog. You have interesting and genuinely thoughtful things to say along with an aesthetic that I find really lovely. It's only natural to doubt oneself sometimes, but I'm glad that you keep blogging anyway. If you were to stop, I would sincerely miss your blog.