Tuesday, August 2, 2011

West of the Moon, and East of the Sun . . .

I finally picked up a copy of all the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and I know how I'll be spending my weekend. It's been a few years since I watched the films (and longer still since I've watched them back to back) and with The Hobbit filming now, it's gotten me to thinking about them again. They really are extraordinary films, epic on a scale that is not often seen onscreen and yet strangely personal too. That is the beauty of Tolkien's prose and Jackson's interpretation of it; we get ethereal and magical and grand in huge battles and ageless elves, but we also get simple and humble in characters like Frodo and Samwise. Even Aragorn seems like a regular guy thrust into an incredible situation.

Maybe I'm just a geek (I am), but I'm actually looking forward to staying in and watching almost twelve hours worth of movie;)

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Red Crumbs said...

Love the films, but can't help but think that they wouldn't take up over twelve hours of your life if...sooooo....many....scenes....weren't.....in....sloooow....moooooooootion! Enjoooooooooy! ; )