Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toujours, un petit mort . . .

I meant to post last week on my Find of the Century; I was so damn excited over it. Then, I got busy, what with travelling to Chicago this past weekend, and I figured I would post this week after I had some good news.

Turns out I don't have such good news after all.

I did not get a ticket for SDCC '12.

I did everything right, followed all their instructions, got into line . . . and when there were still 5,000 people ahead of me, the show sold out. I am trying not to feel completely devastated, but I'm not going to lie: I have cried about this several times.

For the non-geeks reading this, you probably think I'm being silly and overdramatic. "It's just some convention! Get over it! There are children starving in Africa!" Yes, that is true. But, I wasn't looking at this as "just some convention". I wasn't planning to go and buy comics and wait in line to have some celebrity sign some over-priced publicity shot. I wasn't going so I could spend too much on the latest "Ironman battles the Anonymous Villain" statue. I was going so I could make a kickass costume and network the shit out of the place.

Since I've been here, I've had zero opportunities to network with film costumers. Maybe if I had more time I could have created more opportunities, but I've been working with what I have, which isn't much. When the Costume College scholarship didn't happen, I gave up on that opportunity, and put all my eggs in one basket. I really was hinging a lot of hope on making it there this year and handing out cards, schmoozing, doing everything I can to see and be seen and hopefully meet one or two people who do what I do, or know someone who does. It would have been work, but the kind of work that forces you to have a blast too. And, naturally, I would have seen lots of cool shit and celebrities, and all that.

I'm crushed. After my unexpected trip to Michael Levine's the week before, where I found the exact Effie fabric and made a squealing sound not unlike a squirrel in distress, I thought it was some kind of sign. I am dumb enough to still believe in those sorts of things. Like, "I found THE FABRIC. That must mean I'm going to be going to Comic-con, right?" Instead, I am out $65, and I can barely stand looking at it. Every time I see a billboard for "The Hunger Games", it feels like a needle jabbing me.

No, I will not still make this costume. $65 was the tip of the iceberg, with much more still to come for shoes, wig, accessories, etc. I cannot justify spending several hundred dollars on something for Halloween, where some drunk guy will tell me I look cool and then vomit on me.

I will try again next year. It's just hard not to feel like I keep getting kicked in the face over my dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Chin up! You don't know that there was going to be some costume people there. Maybe not pros anyway...

Costume wise... How have you been going around it ? Have you googled establishments/workshops/people/theatres that make/hire/sell costumes? If not what are you waiting for? When you find places e mail them asking for work experience/apprenticeship/job and if you don't get an answer ring them and if you need to ring them again then you'll have to ring them again. It is possible to get into the costume world, believe me... oyu just need to REALLY want it and it seems like you do so you just have to get in gear really ! Go to fabric shops and talk to people there they must know costume supervisors/designers/makers/agers/dyers ... go to vintage shops they must know costume supervisors or designers that source in their shops. Talk to people ask around just do it ! No time for worrying or being scared so don't worry and just go for it, no excuses!

BTW your title didn't translate well it doesn't really mean anything... and nice fabric !

Now go and ask google for things...
Good luck !