Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Site Tuesdays: The Enchanted Doll

While I usually try to feature Etsy shops every Tuesday, once in a while I discover an artist whose work so moves and excites me that I have to introduce them to y'all. Marina Bychkova of The Enchanted Doll is just such an artist. I discovered her through my friends over at 666 Photography (another talented woman!), and I have not stopped looking at Marina's work since.

Marina's porcelain dolls start with hand-sculpted forms in super sculpy, and then she casts the porcelain pieces from there. Each doll is unique, hand-painted, and fully articulated with leather-lined joints to protect the movement of the porcelain. But, that's just the beginning of the beautiful artistry of these dolls.

The costumes. Oh my goodness, the costumes. These meticulously researched and heavily beaded and embroidered works of art are that much more incredible for being done on such a small scale. You never think about this unless you make dolls, but finding properly scaled patterns and prints in sometimes impossible. Many of the prints she makes herself.

It's no secret that I love dolls, and I have tried my hand at making them, but I bow to someone who does it so well. Even her nude dolls are incredibly elaborate, life-like creations.

She even handcrafts the headpieces, shoes, jewelry and accessories. If I were a rich girl, I'd own as many of her pieces as possible.

I highly recommend heading over to The Enchanted Doll. You will need to pick your chin up off your desk afterwards, but it is worth it;)

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous dolls, indeed. I really loved them. I'm off you check out your links now! xxx